Our community drumming experiences cover a variety of styles and are led by experts in their field.

The power of drumming is known to promote human connections on a higher level; it is an effective way of developing creative communities and binding people together. It offers a platform to become immersed in culture, learn new things in a fulfilling way, relieve harnessed tension and leave life’s troubles behind, whilst allowing the chance to self-reflect and contribute positively to health and well-being.

We aim to work within a variety of community group settings, offering drumming experiences to all ages.  DAS also focus on reaching the heart of deprived communities to engage and support groups of young people. We believe every young person has a right to access, understand and express themselves musically and experience the benefits this brings. Our sessions complement a wide-range of participant needs and we build on participant experiences and celebrate their individual talents.

Drumming offers a portal to connect with our primitive being. It accompanied early human activity and, over time, grew to be an effective way to self-express, communicate with others and became an intrinsic part of traditional methods to heal the mind and body.It has been a fundamental part of many cultural evolutions around the world, with the majority of civilisations boasting drumming styles, rhythms and instruments. This has resulted in an array of intricate sound signatures and traditions to explore and celebrate.

We encourage everyone to connect to their innate rhythm, gain / further develop skills through community drumming experiences.





Please get in touch to discuss ideas and opportunities for community drumming groups. DAS can supply specialists to help build initial style understanding and skill.  A strong rhythmic foundation is something which fuels the heart of any successful drumming group.  Training can also be delivered to the key members who wish to take on leading the group, enabling the groups self-sufficiency.