Many people have a preconception that they don’t possess any rhythm but it is widely acknowledged that rhythm runs deeper than the parameters set in a musical context.

Through the work we deliver in our career-long professional learning training, we work with individuals and groups to further develop skills and promote areas where rhythm and drumming can be used to deliver quality learning and therapeutic experiences. Our focus groups enable us to engage in professional dialog and find common ground prior to training. Through this we develop a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of the organisation.

During our training we work with staff to establish and build upon on existing strengths, broaden knowledge, understanding and skill and bring organisations closer together through a variety of team building exercises. We nurture and give flight to ideas  and inspire confidence and leadership skills. We offer the space to self-reflect and evaluate and better prepare staff through a number of resource packs, acting as a foundation on which to build.

Our training can be developed and delivered for various groups of people including:



Community Volunteers

Youth Workers

In our training we focus on ways for practitioners to actively seek and address participants’ natural response to rhythm. This natural response is an often subconscious quality, which has been continuously developing since the second trimester of foetal development, and simply needs encouraged to the surface. For many, barriers towards music stem from childhood experiences. Delivery style of any musical activity is very important; what works for one participant may not work for the next. In our facilitation sessions, we explore a number of approaches.

Inclusion is key and this is promoted by practitioners adopting a more versatile approach, where participants can develop at their own pace without fear of being put on the spot. It is important to nurture a participant’s initial interest, this will aid the development of skills and player confidence.  Our sessions promote a growth mind-set. We know that drumming stimulates the mind, body and soul in a positive way, but participants require the confidence and the drive to take advantage of opportunities; the commitment to harness and mould skills; and the inspiration and guidance to take their playing ability to the next level.

We encourage participants to breakthrough personal barriers and immerse themselves in sound and culture.